An Escape To Santa Fé

My 3-day escapade in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was undoubtedly the best part of my entire summer and I’m excited to share with you guys a glimpse of my little adventure.

I just graduated from high school right before my trip and so it was the perfect time for me to travel, ease off and discover somewhere new.

Santa Fe is a one of a kind destination. Its iconic pueblo style houses, rock formations, peaceful ambiences and everything in between makes it one of the most magical and enchanting cities I have ever been to.


We set off on an 11-hour car drive from Houston to Santa Fe. I usually love road trips but this one was a ridiculously long and tiring journey. My family and I still tried to make the very best of it regardless.

(Before I go on, here are some quick tips for anybody going on a long road trip)

  • Prepare days ahead, mentally and physically. Get enough sleep the night before.
  • Hire/use a comfortable and spacious car.
  • Bring enough water to avoid dehydration/headaches
  • Anti nauseating pills, painkillers and other important items should be kept in easily accessible places like your bag pack or hand bag.
  • Try not to speed. Just because you may be driving in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean cops aren’t around. We got a ticket for driving past the speed limit. (lol)
  • Make stops. Hundreds of them. Don’t drive up to 4 hours without stopping somewhere to eat, rest and stretch out most importantly. 
  • Bring novels, magazines, journals, movies or music to keep you entertained.
  • Have your phone and car charger in the case of an emergency
  • Carry a camera along with you to capture the most gorgeous sceneries, landscapes and sunsets along the way!








We stayed in The Lodge Hotel, located in the heart of the city.

The Lodge was absolutely stunning and what I loved most about it was the interior decoration; warm, cozy and nature-inspired.

The exterior looked much like every other New Mexican building, brown, antique and really pretty.

My suite had a lot of wooden furniture meshed with a Mexican enthused theme. Hung on the walls were some beautiful prints, paintings and drawings that perfectly depicted the enthralling culture of the Hispanics and Native Americans. Everything suited my taste so well because I adore simple and earthy décor. Unfortunately I couldn’t get good photos of the hotel, so I checked it up on the internet and this is exactly what it looked like.



Photos from



New Mexican food is pretty much like Mexican food, spicy, pungent and has lots of chilli. I personally wasn’t a fan of it because my body doesn’t do well with peppery food, but I loved the tacos and tortilla chips and dips however.

I wondered why most mexican food contained peppers, so I did a bit of research.

Apparently, peppers are low in calories, are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, potassium, folic acid, and fibre. The spicy ones also help to liven up bland food. I’m guessing Mexican dishes are a always a good idea, right?



~ Arroz Rojo, a Mexican dish that is very similar to Nigerian Jollof Rice.

Santa Fe is a foodie’s town and so no matter where you are, there’s at least one restaurant, bar or pub at your disposal.

ZIA diner was my favourite place to eat. I tried their famous savoury Santa Fe burger with a huge green chilli on top (I didn’t eat that). It tasted quite different from a typical American burger because it had a dash of blended onion paste or sauce in it (not sure), which was very spicy. (Everything in New Mexico is spicy, literally)

Other great places to eat out in Santa Fe are Sanbuscos, El Chile Toreado and Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill. Breaking the bank depends on where you choose to eat, but in general, Santa Fe has relatively inexpensive restaurants compared to other US cities.




What I noticed first about Santa Fe was the enthralling and unique architecture. It’s nothing like a typical US Capital city; (full of sky rise buildings and 3 floor mansions.)

The pueblo revival style is what makes Santa Fe so charming and artsy. The buildings are uniquely structured, mostly made of mud and stuccoed with flat roofs. The buildings remind me so much of Morocco and ancient Middle Eastern countries.

The weather was quite warm while I was there, although Montezuma (22 miles away) was uncomfortably cold. Even the mountains had snow at the top, and it was summer, how weird? Santa Fe is warm, tranquil and has a profound sense of rich history and art.




photo 3.JPG

Here more detailed photos of the beautiful city :)


So, if you’re in the south west of the states and are looking for a peaceful, charming, scenic and quiet city to head to and spend some quality time to relax, I would totally recommend Santa Fe!

I can’t wait to be back :)


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