Human Of The Month – 3/16


Nick Vujicic


The human of this month is the amazing, exceptional and formidable Nicholas James Vujicic, simply known as Nick Vujicic.

I first came across Nick and his touching story many years ago while watching his documentary on TV with my older sister. Not only did I find myself sobbing at how inspiring he was, I felt extremely motivated and empowered by his heartwarming story.

So, who is Nick Young?

Nick is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker. He was born with Phocomelia, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of legs and arms. As a child, Nick struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Like any other human being with his condition, he found it difficult to live a normal life but eventually came to terms with his disability.

However, Nick revealed that he was bullied so badly in High School that he attempted to commit suicide. Can you envisage the amount of horrible things he must have gone through as a kid? I can only imagine…

Despite battling with bullying and sever depression during his childhood years, Vujicic managed to thrive enviably as a teenager. He founded his non-profit organisation, Life Without Limbs and motivational speaking company called Attitude Is Altitude. He travels also around the world presenting motivational speeches to crowds with/without living with disabilities. Nick is a true icon, who has helped millions of people find hope in life.

Nick is an a man of courage, confidence and strength. Today, he is married to the love of his life and has two healthy children together. His examplary behaviour has turned many lives around, and I hope it transforms yours as well.

For those contemplating committing suicide because ‘life is too tough’, take a look at Nick Vujicic and imagine the turmoil he must have undergone while he was a child. Imagine being born without hands or legs. Imagine struggling to do virtually EVERYTHING on your own. Imagine having to smile through the insults, and the harassment, and the mockery. Imagine having to live your life feeling like you’re less than human. That is what Nick dealt with but he did not go through with taking his own life – and neither should you!

You can be born with different kinds of disabilities and ailments, but one thing you must know is – you were not born with LIMITATION. The world is yours to conquer, no matter what your body, or face, or skin looks like. No disorder should not restrict you from being an inspiration to others, because from what Nick has accomplished, he is more than a man with Phocolemia.

I encourage anyone out there dealing with one battle or another; not to give up the ghost. Turn your misfortune into a real time blessing. If Nick could do it, you can too!



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  1. Aww aka. ..I’m so inspired. .Thanks for dropping this off,just what I needed today


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