The Art Of Gratitude

It’s normal to always want more in life – more money, for fame, more success, more accomplishments. We humans usually want to achieve beyond our wildest dreams, and its common not to be satisfied with where we are, or what we have.

But as you journey through your race of constantly wanting more, you must also remember to acknowledge and appreciate the abundance of what you already have. That is gratitude.

The saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” remains a relevant aspect in the topic of gratitude. We are often too busy chasing after the next big thing, or channeling our energy towards our woes; that we fail to remember our blessings and the many things we’re fortunate to have.

Let’s take me for example. I’m hardly grateful for good health until I fall ill. When I’m down with a fever, I suddenly miss how energetic my body was before. When I have a sore throat I suddenly miss how painless it was to swallow. When I have a rash I suddenly miss the comfort of wearing anything I feel like wearing.

Lesson 1: Don’t wait until you lose a blessing before you become grateful for it.

For every second you have something; a friend, a job, a breath, an opportunity – always say thank you. The best things in life can be taken away from us at any given time. And when this happens, you may feel distraught, but that may be because you’ve spent most of your time focusing on other things.

Lesson 2: Always remember that many people are in dire need of the privileges you ignore.

There are millions of unconventional blessings we tend to overlook everyday, and we often do this because they have been given to us for free.

Take a moment to appreciate the fact that you have air, and you can breathe – at least without an oxygen mask. Take a moment to appreciate the sun, the skies, the trees and everything that makes our surroundings beautiful. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that your organs are functioning properly. Be thankful for the gift of sight, the ability to hear, to talk, to think, to feel. Take a moment to be grateful for water, for food, and for life as a whole.

Blessings don’t necessarily have to be seen; they don’t have to be materialistic or in monetary form. If you sit down to look at everything you have, inside and out, you just may realize that you may not be a millionaire but you are very rich.

Learn to shift your focus from what your life lacks, to what is already present.


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