Finding Inner Peace


Inner peace has become a virtue that is difficult to find in life because we humans tend to spend so much time wallowing over our frustrations. We moan about our woes, we complain over our misfortunes and we become miserable because of our ‘countless problems.’

We must remember that a wise saying, however, goes: “Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.”

It is no doubt that life will constantly throw horrible experiences at you. You will always face one discord or another, but that should not mean that you would never enjoy the bliss that comes with having a peaceful mind.

So what do we do when there is peace everywhere, except within ourselves? I’ll use this opportunity to share with you some of the methods that I use to find peace and disconnect from life when I’m faced with one challenge or another.


Accept what is

Learn to accept everything that you are, everything you are not, everything you have, and everything you don’t.

There is only so much you can influence in your life, so do your best to change the things you can, and then leave the rest to God.

A lot of things are naturally beyond our control, such as our physical appearances, the families we were born into, our strengths, and our weaknesses. If you are struggling to come to terms with unchangeable factors like this, you may never experience inner peace. You will continue to question things; continue to ask why; continue to wish and continue to wallow in anger and misery. Stop trying to force the impossible in your life and you would be surprised at how much more at rest your heart would be.


Eliminate Whatever Gives You Trouble

Peace can never thrive in a troubled place.

So what’s that thing that has made you lose sleep at night? What’s the worry that has bothered you for weeks? Whatever is troubling your mind will continue to tamper with your peace until you do something about it. If it’s an insecurity; let go of the concept that perfection is mandatory. There’s more to life than fresh skin or a pretty face. If you’re being haunted by something you’ve done in the past, own up to it and move forward. If it’s a mistake that bothers you, understand that you are human and you’re bound to mess up sometimes; so learn from them and press on. Whatever or whoever obstructs your inner peace should be disregarded completely, and you must be unapologetic when doing so.



Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent.

Inner peace develops when you assimilate things that can positively change your mentality. By reading your Bible, or your Quran, or a motivational book, you could gain understanding, or get some of your questions answered. What goes inside you grows inside you, so as you take in words of encouragement and listen to words of wisdom, you are bound find some sort of inner peace.

I personally read my bible and my daily manna everyday, because I find God’s word comforting.

Have Selective Absorption

Sometimes it’s difficult to find inner peace when there’s conflict all around you. Family disagreements, disputes with friends, economic breakdowns and the likes could contribute to a lack of peace within a particular person. If this is your situation, you must learn to ignore certain things in your surroundings and build a barrier for your mind.

I do something called “selective absorption”. Though a scientific term, I refer to it as being selective of what I let get to me, and what I ignore. Be in control of what affects you. Create a boundary that allows only positive things and people influence your life. You do not have to respond to every query or react to every problem.

Remember: A ship is surrounded by water, but can only sink when it let’s the water get into it.



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  1. Absolutely Amazing!


  2. My little shining star. So proud of you and everything you’re becoming. Could read your writings over and over again because they’re so enlightening and inspirational. Keep it up hun, much love


  3. You are such an amazing writer.
    This is so lovely.

    Peace is so important. There is so many things that we cannot control. If, we can know and accept them. We will be closer to being peaceful.

    Love your blog. Feel free to check out mines when you have the time.


  4. This is my absolute favorite article and I love it so so much! I find almost everything you wrote so applicable to my life and valid. Your writing in general is just so beautiful, I’m literally in awe. You go girl!!!!!!! Keep doing your thang.


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