To My Fellow Blacks – God Will Be The Final Judge. #BlackLivesMatter

In the wake of the police brutality cases going on in different parts of the United States, I decided to share my thoughts on the issue and hopefully alleviate the stress that black Americans may be undergoing right now, through the comforting word of God.

I am particularly disgusted by the senseless murders that have taken place in America recently. Everyday, a new case of black people getting shot by white cops emerges, and in all honesty, I am overwhelmed and maddened. It’s sickening having to watch people of your race get treated like animals all the time just because our skin color doesn’t portray societies’ standard of “responsible” or “safe” or “worthy”. But it is well. All will be well.

It’s one thing to shoot someone unfairly, while it’s another thing to get away with it. A source says that 97% of police brutality cases in 2015 did not result to officers involved being charged with a crime. So in other words, most cops now kill unjustly, without any punishment, any reprehension or any price to pay. That’s what infuriates me.

The shooting of innocent black men and women in America is not the only problem – it’s the fact that after these incidents occur, there is rarely any justice. When your father/mother/sister/brother/friend’s blood is gushing on the floor and not one person is held accountable for it – it is a disheartening nightmare that none of us deserve to go through. And even if a “jailed cop” will not suffice for the loss of a loved one, it brings some sort of comfort to those affected. It brings some form of relief and solace knowing that justice eventually prevailed. Unfortunately, most families don’t experience this relief. There is no comfort anywhere because there is no justice.

Amidst all this madness, all this discrimination, all this inequality and all this wickedness, I want to remind you all that God will always be the final judge. Just because the judicial system is biased and doesn’t punish all guilty cops accordingly, does not mean they have escaped the most important judgment. God still exists, and He will hold everyone accountable for his or her actions no matter what.

God doesn’t look at skin color, He doesn’t look at background, and neither does He look at class level. He looks at the heart. So I want you all to know that whomever the police have killed unfairly will get justice one day. We will all get justice one day. It may not happen here on earth, but it will happen eventually. God has the final say, and He will make the final judgment, where everyone will be punished according to his or her actions.

It hurts to know that there are many murderers still roaming around the streets of America today. It sucks that they haven’t faced the consequences of what they have done. It sucks that they have been given the freedom to go scot-free while thousands of black families mourn and wallow in misery and grief. It’s really sad, and we hate it. But do not lose hope people. Do not be worried. Just take comfort in the fact that the most fair, just and unbiased judgment is coming soon. This is not the end yet.

So to Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Rekia Boyd and the countless others whose innocent lives have been cut short due to police brutality and callousness, I know you’re looking down in despair right now. You’re angered by the fact that you departed this world in such a senseless and tragic way. We miss you, we are thinking of you, and you will forever be in our thoughts. Always know that you will eventually get the justice you deserved. Find comfort in 2nd Thessalonians 1:6, which says – God is just: He will pay back everyone who has persecuted you.

With love and light,



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