The Destiny Talk – Interference of Destinies.

We were all brought into this world to achieve a particular purpose. When God created us, he had a beautiful plan in mind for everyone, which was validated in Jeremiah 1:5 that says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Not one human being in this world was born to be useless, because God affirmed in Matthew 3 verse 8 that – “For I know the plans I have for you; the plans to prosper you and not harm you; the plans to give you hope and a future.”

The key words in this bible verse include: prosperity, hope, and a future. This verse substantiates that God’s goal for every one of his children is to give them these 3 things in abundance. That was the initial plan when He created all of us – for his people to prosper, have hopes and futures.

With that being said, you may now be wondering what happened to the poor children, the beggars and the suffering masses amongst us. Why weren’t they given prosperity, hope and a future? What exactly went wrong? Were they really destined for ‘greatness’? The answer to all this is yes. They were all actually destined for greatness. God is not the partial type to create some people with blessings while He abandons the others. God loves everyone equally – and all his actions are done in a fair manner.

But remember that it is one thing to make a plan, while it’s another thing to fulfil it. Just because God has planned for us to have great destinies doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to happen. A lot of external forces exist in this world. A lot of things come into play when it comes to fulfilment of destiny.


So, what truly happened to the people who are living/or have lived their whole lives in poverty, distress, and agony? I like to call their situation an “Interference of Destiny.” That is – something obstructed their prosperity. There was a hitch along the way. Their destinies were severely tampered with, and so that is why they have turned out to become what they are today. God will never create a child only for him to end up begging on the streets for all his life. God will never create a child only for him to suffer all kinds of diseases, ailments and misfortunes. That is not the kind of God we serve. But we must remember that God is not the only one who mandates things on this earth. He may have ordained that our futures may be good and bright – but that doesn’t mean that someone will not try to interfere with such an enviable destiny.

So, who are these interferers? Who are the people that come in the way and obstruct millions of beautiful destinies around the world? They are collectively known as the enemies, a.k.a, Satan and his cohorts.

In our world today; we have people who were destined to be millionaires, but turned out to become paupers. We have people, who were destined to be doctors with PhDs, but turned out to become college dropouts and armed robbers. Destinies are tampered with, lives are cut short, and futures are destroyed on a daily basis because there is a lot of evil around us.

We must remember that there are two spiritual/supreme beings that are in existence on this earth. God is not the only one who makes things happen – the devil has control and dominion over the earth too. God, in His infinite wisdom, has allowed satan to operate in this world within the boundaries that have been set for him.

To cut it short, let me just say that every activity that takes place under the sun is mandated by either God or Satan – there is no in-between. (But God is still sovereign.)

God has promised his people in Isaiah 61:3 “a joyous blessing and festive praise.” HENCE, what ever does not bring forth these good things in your life must be redirected back to the Devil. He never wants to see a good seed blossom. He doesn’t want YOU to succeed. He is desperate to rip your beautiful destiny into pieces – and that is why you must get up today and fight back with serious prayers.

Interference of destiny is real; I see it everyday. Many people have been preordained for greatness, but the enemies have pulled them into poverty and sorrow instead. And because they did not seek God’s face with steadfast prayers and fasting; the wicked plans of the Devil prevailed evidently in their lives.

God has told me to remind every one of you that there is a serous battle going on over your destiny today. Your enemies are out there plotting, planning and conspiring against you and your future. You must wake up now and choose which side you are on. Do not let the devil interfere with God’s wonderful plan for your life. Do not let the enemies frustrate your success, your endeavors, your businesses, your education or your marriage. Destinies take time to manifest, but they can be shattered within seconds –that is why you must learn to pray seriously.

You could be the Bill Gates of tomorrow – your future could be brighter than you can ever imagine. But remember that THE DEVIL DOES NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN! Do not let your bright star be stolen. Do not allow your destiny to be affected by the enemies. Always make this a prayer point of yours, day and night. Ask to God to soak your future with the blood of Jesus. Fast every week and tell Him to prohibit the devil from tampering with what belongs to you. The job of praying furiously over your destiny is in your hands – nobody is going to do it for you because it is yours! Remember that the moment the enemies win this battle; it may be very difficult to reverse your stolen star.

So for those of you, whose destinies have been destroyed by the cankerworm already, do not be afraid. In the bible, David prayed to the Lord to restore his lost destiny, and it happened through faith and God’s mercy. He was transformed from a shepherd boy to a prosperous king. God can do it for you too!
If you feel like the enemies have interfered with your destiny, it is never too late to take it right back! It is never too late to regain your shining star. It is never too late to enjoy the divine plan God has initially set out for you. With Christ, all things are possible. The bible says “do not worry about anything, but instead, with supplication and thanksgiving, present all your requests to the Lord.” An interfered destiny can be revived today if you do it the right way. And an unfolded destiny can be kept intact if you keep on praying. Take your matters to the LORD every single day, and genuinely ask for his grace upon your life. Fast persistently and prophesy with your mouth everyday that your destiny is reinstated.

By His grace, you will turn out to be exactly who God wanted you to be. Amen.


Here are some prayer points you should pray concerning your destiny.

  1. Dear God, please preserve my destiny for me and keep it away from the hands of my enemies in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  2. Dear God, please give me the grace to achieve the purpose and plan you have set out for me to achieve in Jesus’ name. Amen
  3. By the sound of my voice and the power of the Holy Spirit, I bind, cast and destroy every destiny interferer in my life this very moment in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  4. Dear God, reveal to me every friend, sister, brother, aunty, uncle or stranger that is trying to mess with my destiny. Let them be put to shame in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  5. Dear God, if my destiny has been stolen by the enemy, I ask you with all my heart to restore it this year 2016 in Jesus’ name. (Keep praying until it happens) AMEN!



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